Friday, September 3, 2010

Lab Quote Friday

The majority of my job during the school year is setting up stuff for labs that run Monday-Thursday, so I've decided that I will attempt to write a blog every Friday about some of the funny things I've heard or seen during the week.  I hope you enjoy these posts!
This week I will highlight a few moments from our Intro Chem lab.  These students are non-majors, and about 1/2 of them are freshmen.  For part of their lab this week, they were asked to weigh out 5 grams of sugar into a beaker.  Seems simple enough, but...

2 different students asked the professor, "How do we know how much 5 grams is?"

One student brought their TA a 1 liter graduated cylinder (used for another part of lab) and asked if that was the beaker they were supposed to use to weigh their sugar.

The professor told the students that the sugar would be in the balance room.  I overheard this conversation between 2 girls in the hallway:
Girl 1:  Where do we get the sugar?
Girl 2:  It’s in the balance room.
Girl 1:  This is the balance room.
Girl 2:  No, the balance room is in there (pointing towards the lab). 

Gotta love these students!  I have several more from this week, but I think I'll hold back a few just in case I need them later.


Shelly said...

I LOVE students!! I don't know if being a teacher would make me hate everyone or just keep me in a perpetual good mood (from the hilarity of their stupidity)....I think the former. Which is why I am not a teacher. This almost beats the thermometer story, but not quite.

Amanda said...

i love it!
thanks for sharing : )
i especially love the girls' conversation about the sugar's location hahahaha