Friday, September 17, 2010

Lab Quote Friday #3

I'm a little concerned that people didn't read the actual lab quotes last week because they thought it was only lab coat Friday with Titus.  If you missed the actual quotes, go back and read the post that came before the pictures of Titus.
This week in lab, the students were studying the ideal gas equation.  They mixed hydrogen peroxide and yeast and collected the gas that was produced.  The equipment used to collect the gas needed to be filled with water before the experiment began.  (I'm going to use generic "lab boy" and "lab girl" in my quotes from now on and will add my thoughts in this color.)

Lab Boy:  "Where do we get the water?"  About 5 minutes passed, then I heard him talking to Lab Girl. "Oh!  You have water!  Where did you get your water?" 
Where has this boy been?  Did he really spend 5 minutes looking for water?  I so badly wanted to walk up to him and say, "Sink.  There are 4 of them you can choose from."  This is why I am not a teacher.

Lab Girl showing me her test tube of hydrogen peroxide and yeast: "What do we do with this?"  
Me:  "If you're done with your experiment, you can just wash it down the drain."
Lab Girl:  "Oh ok.  I wasn't sure.  I didn't want it to like make bread or something."
Bread?!?  You think 3 ml of hydrogen peroxide and yeast mixed with water will make bread!?!  Oh dear.

Lab Boy (different one):  "How much yeast do we use?  It says a pea-sized amount.  How big is a pea?"
Seriously?  No comment.

I probably shouldn't tell you these are mostly quotes from pre-med students.
Also, there's just something really funny about a guy wearing a cowboy hat and safety goggles.  I need to get a picture.  
Maybe I should keep my personal thoughts out of this.  I can't decide.  Am I being too mean, too sarcastic?


Alyson said...

I'm one of the losers who missed the quotes last week! Good stuff! I'm pretty sure I was just as clueless when I first started lab in college. Especially chemistry lab!

Shelly said...

LOL!!! If you are being too mean then I am in the same boat as you!!! Which is why I too, could not be a teacher...... Keep up the lab quote/coat Friday- I LOVE it. Honestly and sadly, it is the highlight of my week!!!

Jess C. said...

Definitely don't think you are being to mean or sarcastic :) I love the bread quote in particular..

Anonymous said...

If you are referring to the guy in my lab, I'm betting he'd let you take a picture. :)