Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 days in NM

I just got back last night from 6 wonderful days in NM.  Josh was on a research trip and missed out on all the fun.  The main reason for the trip was a friend's wedding, but we also celebrated a belated Mother's Day.  Here's a breakdown of my trip:
Thursday- drove to NM, dinner with Mom, evening at home
Friday- Picked up my brother at the airport- a total surprise to Mom!!  We had been planning this for a few weeks and were so excited to pull it off.  We ran a couple of errands, relaxed most of the day, then had dinner and a family walk.
Saturday- breakfast out with a few girlfriends, back home to relax, then a super fun western wedding
Sunday- church, lunch at Dion's, trip to cemetery, more relaxing
Monday- brother back to airport then I spent the whole day with my dear friend Becca and her daughter Bailey.  I attended my first Gymboree class and enjoyed sweet songs from a 2-year-old as we drove around town.  We also met our friend, Kendra, at Dion's for lunch.  (Yes, I ate there 2 days in a row- it's that good!)
Tuesday- a little shopping with Mom then I blew home in a cloud of brown dust

A bunch of pics from the trip:
Lynette and Beau's wedding

Such a sweet couple

Family shot- love all the denim and cowboy hats!

Bailey being silly during the awesome brisket dinner

Super cute cake topped with a tractor.  Notice the groom's cake is a dart board- fun!

A few members of our church youth group from the '90s.  It was like a family reunion!

Father/daughter dance- hard to watch, but so sweet

First dance as husband and wife

Zach (bride's nephew) charming the ladies

Papa Tom and Bailey dancing

Me with Mom and Adam.  Being with these two makes me smile very big!

Lifetime friends- ignore the guy in the background :)

Me with Becca and Adam

Me and Becca with the bride

Doing a little dance we made up decades ago!

Party crashers!

Who invited this guy?

Bailey at Gymboree


The theme for the day was "cowboys and cowgirls," so here they are on a chuck wagon ride.

Bailey riding the "bull"- Yeehaw!
I had a really great trip- what a great way to kick off summer!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Snake Year

The year that we moved to TX (2009) was a snake year.  We saw several snakes around our property including one baby rattle snake, a ringneck snake, a huge bullsnake, and the snake in our bathroom.  Last year was much different.  I saw one in the garage and Josh found a couple when he was digging around with his tractor.  We never saw any on the road or trail around our house, and we walk the property nearly everyday.   
I think this year is going to be a big snake year again.  I've already seen 3, nearly stepping on 2 of them.  Last night I came within 1-2 feet of this one while walking around the yard.  

Fortunately, the snakes around here don't seem very aggressive (unless you have them cornered in a bathroom).  Usually they lie perfectly still or slither away very quickly.  Still, last night reminded me again to be more aware of the ground as I'm walking.  The hard part is finding a balance between being alert and jumping every time I see a stick lying on the ground :)