Monday, August 31, 2009

Breaking in our house

We had our first family get-together in our house this weekend. It was Josh's Mom's birthday, so we decided to host the event after only being in our house for 2 weeks! I think it went pretty well and I really enjoyed having a house big enough to fit everyone. I think we ended up with 16 adults, 2 babies, and 2 kids. That's 20 people! We hope to have many more events like this in the future.
We still don't have our new carpet installed upstairs yet (should happen Wed and Thurs), so we're just living downstairs for now. Once our 2nd living room is no longer our bedroom and office, we'll have even more space for guests! My Mom is coming to visit this weekend, so we've got a guest room to get ready too. I wish we were able to spend more time at home, but we have just been so busy. Maybe we'll be able to catch up in a few weeks- HA! For now we're enjoying beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and short walks along country roads.
Here are a couple of pics from our last few weeks.

Titus' spot in the truck on the trip from WA- we're already in TX at this point. Look at how hot and tired he is!

Josh's Mom with her 2 grandsons (our 2 nehpews) Benjamin and Jackson

Our first scorpion

Titus helping with the refrigerator packaging

Family birthday night

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Settling in

We're so excited to be in our new house! There were a few issues that came up that almost delayed our closing, but everything ended up working out just fine. We stayed up until midnight last night working on stuff inside and finally made ourselves sleep. So far today, Josh spent 8 hours mowing the lawn while I scrubbed 2 bathrooms and the laundry room. We already need a trip to Lowe’s and Walmart. Maybe we'll get a box or two unpacked tomorrow!
I think Titus likes this new house already. When we were moving the canoe last night, Titus started prancing around the front yard like he knew he was home. He enjoys chasing grasshoppers outside and already understands that it is much cooler if he stays downstairs instead of upstairs when he's inside.
Oh yeah- during our first night in our new home we already had 2 guests: a brown recluse spider in the kitchen sink and a scorpion in the bathroom sink. I wonder what we'll find tonight! Gotta love country livin'!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our first week in TX

All is well (and hot) down here in TX. Our trip went as well as it could except for when we left Albion. We didn't quite get away as early as we had hoped. We were finally ready to leave at 9am. I was in the truck with Titus and Josh was in the U-haul. As I was about to start the truck, my feet were suddenly attacked by wasps! I jumped out of the truck and went dancing over to the Uhaul. My feet were burning! I didn't know how many times I got stung, but it hurt. I decided just to deal with the pain and went back to the truck. Pretty soon I see Josh coming over to the truck. He opened the door, and wasps started flying around the truck again. Well, we had 3 nests in the door jam of the truck and each time the door was opened, the wasps were able to fly inside. We had been driving the truck the evening before and several times that week without any problems. Anyway, we spent about 30 minutes messing with the wasps before finally making a safe departure. My feet burned for awhile and then just got really hot. Since then, I've had itchy feet and a small rash, but nothing too bad. So other than that, our trip was perfect. Titus was a great traveler and kept my lap very warm for most of the trip!
It still feels a little like we're on vacation since we're not in our house yet. We're sleeping in a garage apartment on an air mattress and just have a little food and some clothes unpacked. We were able to unload the Uhaul at our new house and just store everything in the garage- much better than having to use a storage building and move all that stuff twice! We've made some purchases for the new house and really look forward to moving in this Friday. We have also both settled in to our new offices and are getting reaquainted with ACU. It seems like we've been here much longer than a week since we've been so busy and have accomplished so much already. So that's been our week. We feel a little out of touch with everyone, but I'm sure we'll catch up soon. We'll try to get our new phone number and address sent out as soon as we have them (they are plowing us a new driveway that will most likely change our address, so we don't even know what it will be yet!) Have a great week!