Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween ZLB style

I don't think I've ever worked at a job where the employees took Halloween so seriously. Here are just a few pics of my coworkers today. Would you want these people sticking you with needles!?!

And of course there was more food...

I intentionally did not take a picture of one of my bosses who happens to be a size 3X and wore a french maid costume. Enough said.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dad update 10-28-08

Well, we spent several hours waiting yesterday just to hear the doctor tell us we have to wait more. Dad's platelet count is still too low to even consider more treatment. This means another MRI and more blood work in the next couple weeks. The doctor wants to try a different type of chemo when Dad's body finally recovers from the last round. It would be administered by IV and take about 3 hours. The doctor hopes that Dad's body will react better to this drug than the previous type if Dad chooses to continue treatment.
Overall Dad is feeling pretty good. He has moments of weakness and lightheadedness, but he is staying up all day and eating well so we're thankful for that. Please keep praying!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthdays!

Well, it's a day late, but Happy Birthday to Mom and Debby (Josh's youngest sister)!
Mom and Dad got home from AZ last night with just enough time left in the day to celebrate. We ate dinner, opened presents, and had ice cream cake. YUM!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Balloon in the East Mountains!

What a rare sight to see a hot air balloon in the east mountain area! After this balloon landed, Titus and I rode over to watch them deflate and pack up. Titus was not sure what to think, but he didn't bark at all (like all the other dogs in the neighborhood). We got to meet the pilot and crew and spent quite a while talking to them. Evidently, this pilot is trying to get the next level of his certification and will need some passengers that are willing to fly for free. Maybe we'll get to go up with him sometime! If nothing else, he says he'll be flying out here a few more times this fall. What fun!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're having...

another nephew!! Beth (Josh's sister) and her husband David are also having a boy. Beth and Kristi are due just a few days apart, so I'm sure those boys will have much fun as they grow up. Congrats to Beth and David- we look forward to meeting Jackson Alexander!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First snow of the season!

Yep, it's snowing right now. It's wet snow, but it's sticking to the grass. I'm not ready for winter!! Titus, however, jumped right in.

Monday, October 13, 2008

We're having a...

NEPHEW!!! Josh's brother and his wife (Jon and Kristi) found out that they're having a boy today. Kristi isn't due until February but we're very excited to meet Benjamin Cole. Congratulations, Jon and Kristi!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

2 down, 2 to go

I caught my 2nd gopher yesterday! Two more til we get Blizzards!!

Dad update 10-11-08

Praise God- Dad has been feeling really good lately! He is still eating well, using his walker, and taking very few naps. His memory seems to be better too. The doctor had good news and bad news for us last week. The MRI showed no growth in the tumors, but his platelet count was down to 64,000. So even if Dad wanted to continue treatment, that is not an option right now. Dad will have more blood work in a couple of weeks and treatment decisions will be made at that time. For now we are enjoying how good he is feeling and keep praying for a miracle.
On a sad note, Dad's uncle passed away this week. Uncle J was a wonderful man and we all loved him dearly. He and his wife had planned to visit us this month, but instead Mom and Dad will be travelling to AZ for a funeral next weekend. Please pray for the family as they travel and spend time remembering Uncle J. He was 84 when he lost his battle with cancer.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's balloon time!!!

October is here, and that means hot air balloons if you live in Albuquerque. I grew up watching the balloons every year, and they often landed right behind our house in an open field. This year, my sister-in-law, her mom, and her friend came for the event. We headed out at 4:30am on Saturday to make sure we were there to watch from beginning to end. If you have never experienced a REAL balloon fiesta, you need to come to NM in October. It's simply amazing. I took over 70 pictures- you would think this was my first time to experience the wonder! Check out our picture page for more pics. Here are just a few...

Special shapes are my favorite. Seriously, go check out the rest of my pics!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I miss my drag queen!!

Let me explain the title of this blog. I got my hair cut yesterday, and while it turned out fine, I totally miss my hair stylist in Pullman. I usually just go to Fantastic Sams because I honestly like it and don't need some fancy salon. Well yesterday I decided to go for Supercuts because it was across the street from where I was getting my tires rotated. They wanted to charge me an extra $5 for a shampoo and $5 more for a "simple blowdry." I don't think so!! I am WAY too cheap for that! So I settled for the cold water bottle cut from a very large woman who kept unknowingly touching me with her body. Blah.
Back to the title of the blog. At Fantastic Sams in Pullman, a tall, big, gay, black man used to do my hair. He also happens to be one of our local drag queens. Don't worry, I didn't find this out through personal experience but by word of mouth. He would do a great job on the cut and give the most wonderful head massages after he washed my hair. And he didn't charge an extra $5 either!! He also loved to talk about dogs as he has 2 little pomeranians (picture that!) and didn't unknowingly touch me with his body. So that's why I miss my drag queen.