Friday, October 17, 2008

Balloon in the East Mountains!

What a rare sight to see a hot air balloon in the east mountain area! After this balloon landed, Titus and I rode over to watch them deflate and pack up. Titus was not sure what to think, but he didn't bark at all (like all the other dogs in the neighborhood). We got to meet the pilot and crew and spent quite a while talking to them. Evidently, this pilot is trying to get the next level of his certification and will need some passengers that are willing to fly for free. Maybe we'll get to go up with him sometime! If nothing else, he says he'll be flying out here a few more times this fall. What fun!


Alyson said...

So after reading this post a couple of days ago, I had a dream last night that a hot air balloon was landing on our house.

Jennifer Miller said...

Todd and I took a hot air balloon ride this summer. It was a lot of fun. My advice is don't dress too warmly. You won't believe how incredibly hot it is in those things!

Andrea Casey said...

That's pretty cool!