Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dad update 10-11-08

Praise God- Dad has been feeling really good lately! He is still eating well, using his walker, and taking very few naps. His memory seems to be better too. The doctor had good news and bad news for us last week. The MRI showed no growth in the tumors, but his platelet count was down to 64,000. So even if Dad wanted to continue treatment, that is not an option right now. Dad will have more blood work in a couple of weeks and treatment decisions will be made at that time. For now we are enjoying how good he is feeling and keep praying for a miracle.
On a sad note, Dad's uncle passed away this week. Uncle J was a wonderful man and we all loved him dearly. He and his wife had planned to visit us this month, but instead Mom and Dad will be travelling to AZ for a funeral next weekend. Please pray for the family as they travel and spend time remembering Uncle J. He was 84 when he lost his battle with cancer.


Amanda said...

I'm glad your dad is feeling better. I'll keep praying.
I'm sorry about your uncle.

Andrea Casey said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad's uncle passing. Sounds like you all are riding a roller coaster these days. Glad to hear your dad's feeling well. :)