Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Break 2014

We headed to Lost Maples State Natural Area for fall break this year.  We spent the first night in the main campground and then did a little backpacking to reach our site for the next night.  We were a little early for the colorful leaves, but it was still really nice and the weather was perfect. 

Lost Maples State Natural Area
Can you spot those 2 tiny water specks in the picture?  That's where we ended up camping (after a steep descent!)
The boys resting after our hike.
A great little swimming hole- deep enough to jump off the lower cliffs (no we didn't try).
Of course Titus couldn't resist the water.
On our 2nd night, a troop of boy scouts arrived at 12:30am!  We woke up surrounded by 16 new tents- crazy!  We packed up as quickly as possible and hiked out. 

Before heading home, we stopped at 2 other parks: Hill Country State Natural Area and Government Canyon State Natural Area.  At Hill Country, we experienced their frontier day.  There were some restored tractors, a chuck wagon, covered wagon rides, etc.  It was pretty hot so we didn't stay long, but it's a great park if you like horses.  Government Canyon is definitely a place we need to go back and explore some more someday.  Pets aren't allowed in the backcountry, so we were limited in what we could see with Titus. 

Titus and tractors- Hill Country State Natural Area