Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Snake Year

The year that we moved to TX (2009) was a snake year.  We saw several snakes around our property including one baby rattle snake, a ringneck snake, a huge bullsnake, and the snake in our bathroom.  Last year was much different.  I saw one in the garage and Josh found a couple when he was digging around with his tractor.  We never saw any on the road or trail around our house, and we walk the property nearly everyday.   
I think this year is going to be a big snake year again.  I've already seen 3, nearly stepping on 2 of them.  Last night I came within 1-2 feet of this one while walking around the yard.  

Fortunately, the snakes around here don't seem very aggressive (unless you have them cornered in a bathroom).  Usually they lie perfectly still or slither away very quickly.  Still, last night reminded me again to be more aware of the ground as I'm walking.  The hard part is finding a balance between being alert and jumping every time I see a stick lying on the ground :)

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Amanda said...

I"m such a girlie girl - I'm shivering reading this!