Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I just thought I'd write a little blog about some of the critters around our house that you haven't seen yet.
A few months ago I opened the back door and found this in the doorway.

Josh had just been outside about 2.5 hours earlier.  I was pretty amazed that such a huge beautiful web was created in such a short time.  It spanned the entire doorway and was about 3 feet tall.

We've also discovered that we have at least 2 species of frogs in addition to our toads.  Here's our little leopard frog...

And our big bullfrog...

We have the usual bright green preying mantis, but we also have this camo version

Of course things are bigger in TX, right?  Check out this moth!  Wingspan was at least 6 inches.

For a good chunk of the summer we had this hummingbird nest hanging over our driveway.  I couldn't believe how it was just sitting on top of a small pine cone.  Eventually 2 babies were born and we could see their little beaks sticking up out of the nest too.  Three hummingbirds living on top of a pine cone where we could see them everyday- that's good stuff!

The ACU Ecology class is in the process of setting some small traps around our property too. It will be interesting to see what they find!


Shelly said...

Aside from the bullfrog and hummingbirds, "blahhheeewwwwwyyiiikesaaarrrggggggggh!" I think I'm not made to live THAT close to nature as I would be screaming like a little girl. The pictures are very cool though- thanks for sharing!

ksstableford said...

Why didn't you hold the bull frog and let Josh take the picture? Actually, I think I know the answer to that one!