Friday, September 10, 2010

Lab Quote Friday #2

Students needed to heat up a beaker of water in the microwave for part of their experiment.  No specific volume or temperature- we just have hot water issues in our building and using bunsen burners takes too long sometimes.

Two groups were heating their beakers of water at the same time.  (I was proud of them for being efficient because most groups will stand in line and wait their turn when they could easily all put their beakers in together.)  A guy from one of the 2 groups rushed over to the microwave where a member from each group was waiting for the water to heat.  He said, "You didn't put them in at the same time, did you!?!  How will we know which one is ours?"  One of the other guys answered, "Don't worry.  Ours is on the right side."  (The beakers were on a turntable.  On top of that, it totally did not matter which beaker belonged to each group.  I was no longer so proud of these guys!)

At times I think I will include other random funny things in these Friday blogs that didn't necessarily happen in lab but are just as funny.

Josh had a student ask him, "If I make a 95% in all of my classes, will I have a 3.5 GPA?"  

During chemistry tutoring, our tutor (an upperclassman) was trying to help a student with sig figs (you science people know what this means.)  She was getting a little frustrated because the student didn't know the difference between 2100.00 and 210,000.  Oh boy!

Titus is with me at school today because we are headed to a church campout this afternoon and didn't want to have to go back home to get him.  He was "helping" me with lab work this morning (no pun intended).  He kept sniffing and licking things.  I don't think he understands the "no eating or drinking in the lab" rule.  He may not be a good lab assistant, but at least he's a good lab.

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Alyson said...

Wow... Important science lesson number 768 "Commas are very different than periods!"