Monday, September 27, 2010

Another edition of Titus vs. ...

Last night while I was watching Amazing Race (hooray for another season!), Titus got restless and wanted to play.  I told him to go get a toy from his toy box, but instead he pointed at the bottom of the TV cabinet.  I figured there was a ball under there so I looked and only found a plastic cable wrap that had popped off our cords.  I gave it to Titus to play with, but I guess he thought it was alive or something.  He did NOT like it.  Here are the videos I tried to take without laughing too hard.  I'm sorry they're so dark- I need to remember to turn more lights on!
Titus vs. cable wrap, part 1
Titus vs. cable wrap, part 2
Titus vs. cable wrap, part 3

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