Friday, September 10, 2010

Lab Coat Friday

My friend Deona mistakenly commented about lab coat Friday instead of lab quote Friday on facebook.  I decided to make it lab coat day for Titus since he's helping me out today.  I should note that I am totally against dog clothing, and this is the first time Titus has ever worn any clothing other than a bandana (and that was for a parade).  He would not tolerate the safety goggles long enough for a picture, sorry.  Still, something about a lab in a lab coat is kind of cute.  He should be the department mascot.  (My lab coat was too small and nearly didn't button.  I took if off as soon as I got the pictures.)


Danielle said...

He looks so handsome in his lab coat. How did we not think of putting a lab in a lab coat before?

April said...

I love it! He seems to enjoy his time in the lab coat.

Mom said...

I think I have a new Christmas idea!!