Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hord's Creek Lake

Last weekend our church had a campout at Hord's Creek Lake (about 8 miles west of Coleman if you're wondering).  We didn't get to go last year because of Josh's schoolwork, so we were itching to go this time around. 
We got there around 5pm on Friday, set up our tent, and got unpacked.  Then a storm came through with lots of lightening and thunder but very little rain.  We had a laid back evening of visiting with church folk and then went to be early.  These campsites had electricity, so we brought an extension cord and small fan to use in our tent.  Sleeping was sooooo much better than our last camping experience.   
Saturday we headed out in the canoe to check out part of the lake.  It was a beautiful morning- quiet with a slight breeze.  A little later in the morning, the campout coordinator, Jim, took a group out on his sailboat.  I stayed at camp with Titus while Josh joined the group.  Here they are getting some sailing lessons before heading out.

The afternoon was spent swimming and relaxing.  Some people played frisbee golf while others visited or napped.  Titus spent his afternoon playing with his new friend Padington.  He's a 1 1/2 yr old yellow lab.  Boy, did they wear each other out!  Sorry, I forgot to get pictures because we were just having too much fun. 
Later in the evening another storm blew in.  This one had a lot of lightening, less thunder, but more wind.  Again, very little rain.  The excitement came when the sailboat's anchor got dislodged and the boat blew away.  A couple of guys jumped in the water and started swimming towards it, another guy grabbed a kayak, and Josh and our friend Kelly grabbed our canoe and took off.  It was exciting and scary at the same time since they were all headed toward a boat with a large pole (read lightening rod) in the middle of a thunderstorm.  They were able to stop the boat before it hit the opposite shoreline and everyone made it back safely.  Of course I stayed behind with Titus and took pictures.

Runaway sailboat

If you look closely, you can see 2 guys in the water and one in a kayak.  Josh and Kelly are on the shore getting in the canoe.

And they're off!
The kayak won the race to the boat.

We stayed up a little later Saturday night to visit with people.  Titus was exhausted and went to bed without us.  Poor little guy just doesn't have the energy he used to (plus he didn't have his 8 hour nap that he usually takes at home each day while we're at work.)
Sunday morning we took the canoe out and explored the other end of the lake before church.  Josh tried fishing all weekend, but nothing was biting at all.  Bummer.  A few people drove down from Abilene for church services and I think we ended up with about 58 people total. 
After services were over we started packing up.  The lake was pretty low this year and only 1 boat ramp was open.  Of course it was at the far end of the lake.  There was nearly no breeze on Sunday, so the sailboat needed some help getting across the lake to the boatramp.  Kayaks and paddlers were enlisted to help pull when needed.  Our cousins and their son Luke were part of the group that didn't camp but came down for church.  Luke really wanted to help Josh in the kayak and eventually ended up riding in the sailboat.
 Too bad Titus couldn't help pull the sailboat!

Luke and Josh getting ready.

Titus did not like being excluded from this adventure!

We got home Sunday afternoon with just enough time to unload the car, take showers, and head back into town for small group Bible study.  It was a wonderful weekend and we can't wait to go back next year!

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