Monday, November 22, 2010

Some favorite websites

Today I just felt like sharing my top 10 favorite websites (other than the blogs listed to the right) with you and the reasons why I love them.  I'm sure you know about most of them, but maybe I'll get you hooked on something new.  Please feel free to share your favorites with me too!
1.  The Pioneer Woman- hilarious stories of ranch life, great recipes, fun photo contests, gift ideas, decorating ideas (also homeschooling ideas for those of you who are so brave)
2.  Tasty Kitchen- An extension of #1, tons of amazing recipes from PW and all of her followers
3.  Young House Love-  A young couple (and their baby and dog) who DIY everything, fun house ideas and all kinds of tips and instructions for all the projects they tackle.
4.  Sew4home-  A sewing site full of tips, techniques, projects, and product reviews.
5.  Knock-off Wood-  Project ideas and detailed plans for all kinds of furniture.  I've never made any items from this site, but everything looks amazing and the directions are super easy.  If you don't want to spend tons of money on kids furniture (or adult furniture) check this stuff out!  This lady does everything from shelves and chairs to beds and armoires, even doll furniture.  You might find some easy Christmas projects here.  The plans are all FREE too!
6. Ruffwear-  Of course there has to be a dog site.  This site has some fun ideas for dog activities and tips for making things safe.
7.  BibleGateway-  My go-to website for finding Bible passages quickly.
8.  Better Homes and Gardens-  Exactly what you would expect: ideas for your home and garden.  I get tons of inspiration from this site.  Definitely worth exploring for easy decorating and organizing ideas, also tons of recipes.
9.  New Dress A Day-  This girl has taken $1 thrift store tragedies and turned them into decent clothes.  She challenged herself to do this everyday for a year.  She only has a few days left, but you might enjoy looking back over some of the things she has created.  This site definitely makes you rethink the clothes you get rid of.
10.  Amazon-  No explanation needed I'm sure.  I shop for everything here and buy lots of gifts on this site.

So there you have it.  In looking back over this list, the dominant theme seems to be DIY projects.  I wish I had more time to tackle all the ideas that I love from these talented people.  Maybe someday...

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