Friday, November 5, 2010

Lab Quote Friday #10

I can't believe we've actually been doing this for 10 weeks now!  This semester has just zipped by!  I think this will be the last Lab Quote Friday of the year unless something totally hilarious happens in the 1 lab that meets next week :(
So there are many, many reasons why I'm a lab rat and not a professor.  One of those reasons has to do with stupid questions- YES, there IS such a thing as a stupid question.  You want proof?  You got it-

"What is the difference between water and H2O?"  (The lab manual uses the terms interchangeably, but some people cannot adapt so easily)
"What should we do for the experiment that we are supposed to design ourselves?"  (Um, perhaps, design it yourself?)
"Will this (chemical) kill me if it gets on my skin?" or "I accidentally touched that (chemical)- am I going to die?" (Do they really think we would use deadly chemicals in a lab full of freshmen?)
"Can I eat this?"  (We don't even let you drink water in here and you think we'll let you eat the experiment?)

Thanks for following me through Lab Quotes Fall 2010!  It's been fun making fun of students laughing about my job with you.  I've enjoyed all of your comments both here and on facebook.  Stayed tuned for Lab Quotes Spring 2011...

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