Monday, November 1, 2010

First Fire

No, it's not actually cold enough to need a fire yet.  The new insert said to leave windows and doors open during the first fire because the paint would be "curing" and would produce fumes (and it did).  We figured we better do this before it gets too cold.  The day after this, we had 90 degree weather!  Now we're 20 degrees cooler again.  Maybe we'll actually need the fireplace in the next month sometime, but for now we'll just enjoy the beautiful fall weather here in TX.
Enjoying the first fire in our new fireplace.


Amanda said...

haha i saw your post come up in my blogger feed and I thought, "What?!? she had a fire in the lab?!? this must be good - she's not even waiting for Friday to share."

then i came to my senses when i read what you wrote.

sigh. no lab fire, but i guess this fire is just as good : )

Kristi said...

It looks so inviting!

Thomas, Becca, and Bailey said...

Nice fireplace! I was worried you had a fire in the lab too. I'm glad it was a fire that you started and were in control of. :) I love all of your lab quotes--so funny! I hope you are doing well. Miss you and love you!

Autumn said...

So is Josh laying there inhaling the fumes?