Thursday, November 11, 2010

Family recipe

Warning:  You are not going to like me very much by the end of this post.  You can't get too mad- you've been warned.
A few weeks ago, my Mom and I got to make a quick visit to my grandparent's house.  One of the main goals of this trip was to make cinnamon rolls with my Grandma.  My Dad's side of the family has this recipe that goes back 5 generations (including mine) that we know of.  I know nearly every family has a version of cinnamon rolls that is special, but this one is the yummiest EVER!  I don't think anybody in my Dad's generation is making this recipe, so it is even more important that I carry it forward.
Anyway, I made these cinnamon rolls a couple of times while we lived in WA, but something just wasn't right.  I vowed not to make them again until I could make them with my Grandma, the pro.  She agreed to make them with me but wanted to wait until the weather was cooler so the kitchen wouldn't seem so hot.  We had a great time baking together and the results were wonderful.  I learned a few tricks and realized a few things I was doing wrong.  I'll give them another try on my own soon to make sure I have improved.  Thanks to my Mom for taking pictures.
I need to apologize ahead of time for my appearance in the photos.  We started baking at 6:30am and finished about 9 hours later.  I stayed in my pjs all day long, didn't do my hair, didn't put my contacts in, no make-up, etc.  Don't you just love days like that (unless a camera is present)?
Making the dough
Getting messy is half the fun!

Grandma being goofy

The dough is starting to come together


Rolling out 1/3 of the dough

Smearing on the wonderful filling
You can also spell out words with the filling.  You'll see why I spelled FISHER in a minute.

Rolling up the dough

Slicing the dough- I'm not very good at this step, it's very messy!  Grandma just laughed at me when I tried.

This is when you start getting hungry

We also made a small pan of regular dinner rolls

After the rolls rise and bake, you thin the filling and drizzle more on top and bake a few more minutes.

The finished product- YUMMO!

So here's where you're going to get mad.  I'm not going to share the recipe with you, well, not all of it anyway.  I will make them for you if you come to see me though!  I will leave you with this- my Grandma gave me the handwritten copy that my Great-grandma Fisher wrote many years ago (this is where the FISHER comes in).  My version of this recipe is 2 pages, typed, so I don't mind sharing the shortened version.  I dare you to make the recipe from these instructions.  Never mind that several ingredients and amounts are missing and there is never any mention of oven temperature or baking time.  I plan on framing this recipe and hanging it in my kitchen.  It is one of those family treasures that I will cherish forever.   
Great-grandma Fisher's handwritten recipe

Thanks, Grandma, for a great day of baking!


Danielle said...

Coincidence! I just found a kitchen hacks website yesterday and one of them was for cutting cinnamon rolls... use dental floss... just slip the floss under the roll, then cross the floss over the top of the roll, and pull... perfectly round, non-smashed pieces!

Amber said...

Danielle, I've heard about this trick before but I've never tried it. Next time I'll give it a shot. It certainly can't turn out any worse!

mommalinda said...

Amber, just let me know when I can come over. These cinnamon rolls look and sound amazingly delicious; I can just imagine how they taste. I have been straining my eyes to decipher the recipe (did you ever see it spelled "receipt?") Oh, and by the way, my grandmother's maiden name was Fisher.

Thomas, Becca, and Bailey said...

Does this recipe travel? I'm thinking when you come to visit me this summer...
I love that you have a handwritten recipe from your great grandma. I just came across a recipe that Grammie had written out that doesn't even have a title on it. It's for a taco pie/pile up and I made it this week for dinner. So yummy and fun to think about her making it so many years ago.

Kimber said...

LOVE the pix!