Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Colorado Thanksgiving

We spent our Thanksgiving holiday in Colorado at my brother's house.  Wednesday we drove the 12.5 windy hours and made it just in time for dinner- Mom's green chile chicken soup, mmm mmm!  All of Thursday was spent cooking and eating of course.  My brother made an amazing turkey completely on his own.  He used a brine made of apple juice and other good stuff and then smoked it all day.  It turned out soooo good!

We had the traditional dinner- mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, rolls, gravy, etc.  For desert we had chocolate cream pie, banana cream pie, apple-cranberry pie, pumpkin roll, no-bake cookies and cinnamon rolls.  Dessert also became breakfast for the next several days!
The pies

Titus could be found in his usual spot waiting for any scraps that might come his way.

My brother's new table all set for dinner

Cooking, eating, and football pretty much sums up Thursday.  SHOPPING sums up Friday!  Mom and I headed out at 2:30am to be at Kohl's at 3am.  We spent about 9 hours hitting Black Friday sales, a tradition that I look forward to every year. 
Saturday we did a little more shopping and went to see my brother's office.  He has an amazing view of the Rockies out his office window- rough, I know.  I didn't take a picture because mountain range pictures never seem to do justice to the real thing.  You'll just have to use your imagination.
Sunday we hit the road again dropping Mom off at the airport as we left Denver.  Another 12 windy hours later, we were back home soon to be back at work.  The time went by way too quickly as usual, but we had a great time.
Oh, you haven't seen a good Titus video lately?  We can fix that!  My brother is a Florida Gators fan, so he collects some gator stuff.  One thing he has is this real baby alligator head.  Titus didn't like it too much...
Titus vs. Gator, take 1
Titus vs. Gator, take 2

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

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