Thursday, November 18, 2010

Family gathering at the farm

Every November for the past several years, Josh's Mom's side of the family gets together somewhere in TX.  This year was our first year that we were able to attend, and we met at Uncle Joe and Aunt Susan's farm.  We were able to camp and bring Titus which was really nice.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend.
Josh playing with our nephew Benjamin
Boys and tractor- enough said
Some of the Brahman and their calves
This was the head momma Brahman.  Everyone followed her lead.  She was friendly to people but not to Titus.  I love her huge ears!
Titus hanging out with the lone Hereford on the farm
This young Brahman wanted to check Titus out more closely.
A bright, sunny shot of the family
The close-up interactions with cows were new to Titus.  The Hereford couldn't care less if Titus was around.  They shared the water trough and got along swell.  The Brahman were a different story.  They were very curious about Titus and didn't like him in their pasture.  The head momma chased him out several times.  Here are some cow videos for those of you with any interest.
Video 1- The cows see Titus in their pasture.  Head momma heads for Titus and the others slowly follow.  Does Titus escape?  You have to watch to find out.
Video 2- Who doesn't love a cute little calf?
Video 3- Head momma checks out the camera.  Shelly, this snoot is totally for you!

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Shelly said...

How stinkin' cute are these cows!!! I just want to grab the little baby waddles and kiss their snoots! I LOVE the mama nose close up. There is nothing cuter than abig ol' animal nose!! Snot and all.