Monday, August 22, 2011

Doggy Splash Day- My Favorite Non-holiday Day

Well, yesterday was Doggy Splash Day here in Abilene.  It is officially my new favorite non-holiday day of the year.  I love swimming and I love dogs.  Combine them and I'm in heaven!
My goal for this year was to get Titus on video jumping off the diving board.  He did it a few times last year, but Josh was not around to run the camera.  This year, Josh stayed with us even though he does not get nearly as excited about this day as I do.
Titus has noticeably aged in the last year, so I wasn't really sure how enthusiastic he would be this time around.  Last year, he swam for the entire 2 hours.  This year he only lasted about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and he was beyond wiped out.  I know he had lots of fun, but he definitely let us know when he was done.  He took his toy over to the area where our stuff was, dropped it, and then just looked at us as if to say, "Ok- I'm ready to go.  Come get our stuff now."
Josh didn't take any pictures this year, but here are a couple videos of us in the shallow end. Titus cannot get out by himself, so I have to help.  Let me tell you, pushing a 95 lb dog out of the water is a great work out!  These videos were taken early on before a lot of people arrived.

After a little time in the shallow end, it was time to try the diving board.  Here's a breakdown of his jumps:
Jump 1- Jump on the diving board, jump off the diving board, jump on the diving board, get to the end and refuse to jump.  I had to push him in.  I accidentally deleted that video before I even got to watch it- so sad :(
Jump 2- Much better, but Titus went to the side of the pool too far away from me so I wasn't ready to help him out, a little struggle to get out of the pool.  Note: pushing him out of the pool is much harder in the deep water.  I have to hold on the side and get enough leverage to lift him up.  It's hard work!  (Video 1 below)
Jump 3- He was a little more excited this time.  More graceful pool exit (Video 2 below)

Notice Titus refuses to use the dog ramp they have set up.  One big jump is all he needs.  Also, please ignore pasty white girl in all videos :)
A little while later, we went back to the diving board.
Jump 4- a pretty normal dive
Jump 5- Sneaky Titus waited until I was up on the diving board then he jumped off the side onto the pool deck and jumped into the pool.  Little Stinker!
So that was our fun at the pool yesterday.  All 3 of us did make it on the news last night, but the video is not very flattering for any of us.  If I get a copy I'll share it and explain the moment they caught on film.  (Here's last year's news video)
I'm curious, do you have a favorite non-holiday day of the year? 

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