Monday, August 22, 2011

Doggy Splash Day, Part 2- News coverage

So here's the video that was on the news last night. 
I feel the need to explain the situation that was caught on camera.  This was at the very end of our time at the pool.  In fact, we had already decided to leave when this young boy took a liking to Titus and wanted to play with him.  How could I say no?  I had put his big blue ball away and we were using his retrieving stick at this point.  The stick has a rope attached to it that makes it very easy to throw.  The boy tossed it for Titus a couple of times before this video.  In this video, the boy is standing next to Titus outside of the pool.  He throws it and Titus jumps in after it.  The problem was that he threw it clear across the shallow part and into the deep water!  With all the dogs and people around, Titus couldn't see it.  On top of that, I didn't want Titus crossing the buoys and rope and risk getting tangled up.  So what did I do?  I sent Josh swimming after the stick.
So in the video, you see the throw, the jump, and then Titus looks confused as Josh takes off swimming.  Oh, and I'm the one itching my nose- nice.  Not our best moment of the day.  Maybe we should have left 5 minutes earlier :) 

Did you catch how the news anchor pronounced "dachshund" at the end?  Haha- that's still cracking me up!  

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Alyson said...

Our vet in Moscow pronounced it dash-hund too. I thought it was really weird since you'd think a vet would know how to pronounce a dog breed.

That looks like a fun day of doggy swimming!