Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Titus and Hurdles

I always thought Titus would enjoy agility training.  In Washington, there weren't any courses nearby, so we settled on teaching Titus how to jump hurdles.  Josh built 2 hurdles from PVC pipe- 1 was adjustable and could be raised to different heights and the other was a fixed height.  We honestly didn't use them all that much, but Titus really seemed to enjoy them every time we got them out.
Here in TX we have a bunch of old partial fences around our property.  One of them meets up with our mowed pathway and is the perfect hurdling height for Titus.  I try to make him jump it every night as we are out walking.  Sometimes he gets really excited and will jump multiple times without any command.  Sometimes he's not interested at all.  I have recently contacted a local trainer about use of her agility course.  If it's affordable, I would love to train Titus to run the whole course.  We'll see.  For now he's just fence jumping.

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Shelly said...

Awwww, could he be any cuter having so much fun?! It's good to see that age hasn't slowed down T-pot's jumping abilities.