Monday, August 30, 2010

Doggie Splash Day!!

On Saturday, we took Titus to his first Doggie Splash Day.  This is where the city pool opens up just to dogs and their owners for a few hours before they drain the pool for the season.  I cannot even tell you how much fun this was!  I love swimming and I love dogs.  Getting to enjoy both with lots of other folks who share the same loves was just a really great experience.  I hope we get to go every year!
This was Titus' first time in an actual swimming pool.  He has always been very fearful of jumping into the water- he would much rather run in.  Well, he definitely had to get over that fear at the pool.  If there were steps into the water, we never found them.  Most likely people were crowded around them and let their little dogs stand on them.  Anyway, Josh had to push Titus in the first time.  I guess there's just something about the unknown depth of the water or something.  It didn't take long for Titus to overcome his fear.  After a few timid jumps, he really started enjoying it.  In fact, he insisted on getting out of the pool after retrieving his ball everytime just so he could jump back in.  It was great!  After 2 hours, Titus was completely worn out.  I was too!  You see, it's very hard for dogs to get out of water where they can't touch the ground and push themselves up.  I actually had to push Titus out of the water each time- remember he weighs almost 100 lbs.  What a workout!  The best part of the day- I even got Titus to jump off the diving board twice!  I'd say he definitely overcame his jumping fear.
On top of all that, we actually made the 10 o'clock news Saturday night, and part of my interview made it into the Sunday paper.  Here's the link: Abilene Reporter News
Here's a short video of Titus socializing.

What a fun morning!  (More pictures on our flickr page...)


Shelly said...

What fun!! I bet Titus was beside himself with excitment- water, his ball, and people, and dogs!!! I wish you would have filmed Josh pushing him in- highly entertaining I bet. I loved the pictures and could hear him snorting away while swimming with his blue ball. I love the flicker clip where he's just walking around and that girl just pats him on the rump- heaven for Titus!!

Amanda said...

i love this post! how fun! i've never heard of a community doing this - more should!