Thursday, August 12, 2010

Winding down

I really, really hate to face it, but summer is in fact winding down.  Freshmen show up this weekend and school starts a week from Monday.  Stores are about to get crowded, streets will become more hazardous, and our work schedule will get more hectic.  Sure we've been working all summer, but it's been a nice slow pace and a nice 8-5 schedule.  Pretty soon we will be waking up earlier, working longer hours, and Josh will work from home again.  Sigh... I will miss summer.
About a month ago, Josh mowed a nice walking path through our property.  I have really enjoyed walking Titus each morning before work.  I'm afraid it will be too dark to keep this up once school starts and we leave home earlier- not to mention the days are getting shorter :(   I guess we'll just have to walk double in the evenings.  I've thought about walking by flashlight in the mornings, but I'm a little worried about stepping on snakes and scaring skunks.
Another downside of summer ending is that I can no longer get away with wearing these to work.

These are the Tevas I'm wearing today.  My friend Shelly bought them for me for my birthday and I love them.  They look cute with anything pink, peach, or brown.
Yes, I will indeed miss summer.


Shelly said...

It's the same here- the students are moving back into town. It's noiser, harder to find parking, and just chaotic. I will miss summer for its lack of students, but I will not miss the excessive sun and heat (allthough this year hasn't been bad). I'm glad you like the flip flops! Sorry you can't wear them to work any longer...

Amanda said...

that's how we always felt in Stillwater.

I'm the same way with flip flops in the lab too (sigh).

Happy first week!