Monday, October 4, 2010

Yes, more Titus videos

These are just a couple of short videos of Titus from the weekend. 
Josh's birthday was last week, so we had a stack of cards on the end table.  This card, from my Mom, had a sticker on the end.  The ceiling fan was making the envelope move a little and Titus wasn't too sure about it.
Titus and birthday card

The second video is Titus "getting the rag."  Mom and I started teaching him this trick when I was living in NM a while back.  We don't mind playing ball with Titus, but his ball gets pretty slobbery.  We have designated slobber rags just for this purpose.  Here's Titus getting the rag for me from his toy box.  He hardly ever brings it all the way to me on the first try, which is why I think it's so funny. 
"Bring me the rag."

For those of you wondering about Titus' leg- it is wrapped because he got bit or stung my something several weeks ago.  We came home from work one day and he had this big, red, bald spot on his leg.  It has been about 90% healed twice now, but then he gets to it and licks it raw and we start all over again.  This is the one area where a kid would be easier to deal with than a dog.  Kids love to wear bandaids- dogs, not so much.  Titus got to the wound again yesterday, so we have several more weeks of the wrap routine.  I try not to make him wear the pitiful e-collar all the time, but it's getting to that point.  Such a little stinker!


Shelly said...

I love his temporary distraction out the window when he went to get the rag! I also love the halfway it's too much work! He just makes me smile.

ksstableford said...

Good boy!