Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my wonderful Mom's birthday.  It seems that as we grow older, birthdays seem less and less important.  I'm not sure why that is because it seems like we value life more as we grow up.  Through hard situations and times of loss, we realize how precious our loved ones are and should celebrate those relationships as much as we can. 
I thought about making a list of all the things I love about my Mom.  Then I realized that the list would never end and I would probably be sitting here in a pool of tears.  I love my Mom more than words could ever express anyway.  She is the dearest friend, best shopping companion, and most enjoyable cooking/baking partner that a girl could ask for. 
I love you, Mom, and hope you had a wonderful birthday.  See you in a few days!

Josh's graduation
Me and Mom at Josh's graduation- May 2009

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