Monday, October 18, 2010

Fireplace in progress

Our fireplace has been through some changes since we moved into our house in Aug '09.  Last Friday, we had a fireplace insert installed that will hopefully be our main source of heat for many years to come.  Here's a look at what our fireplace has gone through...

Fireplace before we moved into our house- 6/24/09 
(Yes, that is a safe above the mantle.)

Fireplace at Christmas before safe was hidden- 12/5/09
Fireplace at Christmas with safe hidden- 12/6/09
Fireplace at Christmas with Mom's handmade stockings- 12/27/10
Fireplace during remodel- 3/24/10
Fireplace before insert was installed- 10/14/10
Fireplace with new insert and some accessories- 10/16/10


Kristi said...

Ooo! It looks great! I hope it keeps you nice and cozy this winter!

Peggie I. said...

I like it a lot!! Nice job!