Friday, October 8, 2010

Lab Quote Friday #6

Fall has definitely arrived here in Abilene, and I felt like this blog needed a new look.  I'm not completely happy with this background yet, but I've tried just about every color and font combination I could.  Sorry if things are still hard to read!  This was not my favorite fall background, but I was having trouble with the ones I really liked.  Oh well- I guess we'll survive.
The lab schedules came together in a strange way this semester.  Two of the 3 labs aren't requiring any prep from me this week or next week.  They are having mid-term exams and doing other activities instead.  So this means I am totally lacking in good quotes right now.  BUT, I do have one good story that has been passed on to me for sharing (thanks, Dr. S!)

Students were doing an experiment called the 10 test tube mystery.  Basically, they had to use a bunch of tests to figure out what the 10 solutions were. 
Lab Boy:  I put all of them on my arm.  This one is burning and this one is smoking, so which one is hydrochloric acid and which one is sulfuric acid?
Sadly, this boy also reportedly tasted all of them to find out which ones were bitter or sour. 
To make matters worse, this kid's last name was Smart.

My reaction:  3 strikes, you're out.  Now go stand under the safety shower for 15 minutes!

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Shelly said...

I am all for allowing young adults (especially the dumb ones) to have free reign to discover. Survival of the fittest is a wonderful theory and should be embraced! There just aren't enough experiences out there nowadays to clean up the gene pool.
How bad must sulfuric acid taste?!