Monday, November 3, 2008

Titus' favorite day of the year

Today was our annual trip to the vet. Titus absolutely loves going to the vet. So many new smells, rooms to explore, people that love him, treats, and of course all the animals- what more could a dog want? I'm happy to report that Titus is perfectly healthy (despite his 9 pound weight gain- he's now 89 pounds!) I asked the vet if there were different vaccines that we needed in NM that weren't necessary in WA. She said it's not so much viruses and diseases that they worry about here. The main problems are lacerations, barbed wire, rattlesnakes, and mountain lions. Not much we can do about that!
Here's a picture of Titus trying to contain himself until the vet comes back.

I've been meaning to post pictures of Titus with his new toy. Mom went to Bath and Body Works and got this free stuffed Lambie. Titus absolutely loves it, and since it doesn't squeak, it has actually lasted a few weeks.

The Standoff

The attack

The victory! I think it's dead!


April said...

I love that Titus loves the vet! When we take our dog, Wyatt, Matt has to go back with him to get weighed and such...he's terrified of everything at the vet!

Shelly said...

T-POT! I miss him (and you too Amber)! I'm happy all checked out well at the vet. The boys go in this month- although a 9 pound weight gain is entirely possible, I'm hoping they've both maintained their weight this year.