Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving week update

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is over already. We had a good week as a family. Josh was here and my brother is still here. I had to work quite a bit, but it was nice to come home to a house full of people I love each day. Josh and I did venture out one afternoon and get our Christmas picture taken. This year, we hiked about 3/4 mile down a trail and found a nice mountain scene for our backdrop. Titus did pretty good, and it only took about 12 pictures before we got a good one of all 3 of us.
Of course we had a feast yesterday and get to eat wonderful leftovers for the next few days. And I'm a little tired right now as Mom and I were at the mall at 4am to get in our traditional day-after-Thanksgiving shopping. Yes, we are among the crazies that search the ads, make a plan, and wake up at the crack of dawn to grab a few bargains. I think it's fun, and I always look forward to the years that Mom and I are together for this holiday and get to leave the guys at home!
Dad has been getting weaker the last few days and that's been hard to watch. We all wish we could make things better and take this disease away, but instead we can only pray that God brings peace and relief from suffering.
I have been putting off blogging about next week because I'm trying not to get overly excited. Since several of you know and have been asking, I decided I should say something. Josh and I are headed to Arkansas Tuesday for a job interview. Josh applied for a teaching job at John Brown University that starts next fall. He has already had a phone interview and now they are flying both of us out for a couple of days. Wednesday will be a day full of meetings, interviews, and presentations for Josh. I get to join him for a few things, but mostly I get to relax and learn about the area. We have been praying for a job like this in this area for a while. We really think it would be ideal for us, but we are trying not to get too excited too soon. So please keep this in your prayers in the coming days. We'll let you know how things go!
So that has been our week. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of many things to be thankful for.


Alyson said...

We're still praying for your dad and for your family. That is SUPER exciting about the job interview in Arkansas. Good luck, and you'll be in our prayers!

Christina said...

Mom wanted me to let you know that we are all thinking and praying for you guys over the holidays. We had Ed and Jan and then Brady and his parents over for Thanksgiving lunch which went really well...but you were in our thoughts and conversation. Mom is excited to see what happens w/ this interview next week. It will be really nice to have you guys closer to home. Hope the shopping went well too. Debby and I tried that once and I don't think we will again. Haha. It takes a loyal and courageous person to do that I guess. Love you guys!

Kristi said...

Hope the interview goes well--update as soon as possible!
We love you and we're thinking about you a lot.
Kristi and Jon (and Benjamin!)

Thomas and Becca said...

I was thinking about you on Friday morning. :) I hope you and your mom found some great deals! I hope the interviews go well for Josh and that you have a great couple days together.