Monday, November 10, 2008

Back in the hospital

Just a quick note before I leave for work. We took Dad back to the hospital yesterday. He was really, really weak and was having lots of digestive problems. This could be side effects from chemo, but it was bad enough we thought he better get looked at. We were in the ER until about 9pm last night, and then Dad got admitted to the oncology floor. All kinds of tests were run yesterday, but nothing significant showed up. His platelets are still dropping, but that's not too surprising at this point.
We not sure when Dad will get to go home. I'll try to update later today if I get the chance. Thank you for your prayers.


Andrea Casey said...

We're sorry to hear this...Yes, we'll be in prayer for you and your family - for the Lord's perfect will, for strength, for comfort, for peace. Fix your eyes on Him and let Him be your joy in the midst of so much uncertainty and heartache as you ride this crazy roller coaster. Are you familiar with the hymn "Jesus, I am Resting, Resting"? It ministered to my heart when my dad was sick...

I was wondering...was your dad's last chemo treatment 5-FU? If so, was your dad tested for the DPD-enzyme deficiency?

My dad had this type of treatment, but they failed to test him. As a result, the chemo caused 'digestive problems'...just wondered if your dad had the same treatment. B/c of the 'digestive problems', he was first tested for a stomach bug and it was days later before the lab came back with results that it in fact wasn't a stomach bug, but that he had this enzyme deficiency and that the chemo made things worse. It's pretty uncommon.

We love you and will lift you up in prayer!

Amanda said...

I'm praying for your dad and all of you. Hang in there

Kristi said...

Hang in there, sis. I love you.