Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More days in the hospital

It looks like Dad will be in the hospital at least until Friday. The doctors really haven't been able to nail down a cause for his weakness, so they're still doing more tests. Dad has been having some strange moments where he sits up and suddenly gets weak and dizzy. These spells have lasted up to an hour so it's pretty concerning. We saw a neurologist for the first time today. She sees some signs of Parkinson's that might be completely unrelated to anything else. She also has a series of tests she wants to do to eliminate some causes and narrow down the problem. So please just keep praying. Dad is starting to feel a little like a lab rat with all the tests and experiments going on. It seems like we're just treating drug side effects with more drugs but not really getting anywhere.
Thank you for all your calls, emails, and comments. I apologize for not answering each of you individually, but I am truly not home very much these days and haven't had time. I do read all of your notes and appreciate all the love and support.