Thursday, January 31, 2013

Small Home Improvements

One of the small things that has bugged me about our house since we moved in is that there is no coat closet.  Of course we've never had a coat closet anywhere we've lived, but we've also never lived in a house big enough to have a bunch of people over all at one time.  This really wouldn't be an issue if we had a bedroom downstairs where everyone could just throw all their stuff on a bed, but all 4 of our bedrooms are upstairs- a little inconvenient. 
So I have had this idea to turn a certain wall into a mini coat closet area for a while.  We finally put it all together last weekend!  It's a small improvement, but I'm quite happy with it.  This area is right inside our front door.
I will eventually make a cushion for the bench, but it works for now.  There are 14 hooks and plenty of space for purses, diaper bags, etc.  Yay!  Next step, get rid of the pink carpet :)  Hopefully that upgrade is coming later this year.
The sign was given to us for Christmas a few years back (thanks, Becca!).  The birds hooks were $2 each from Hobby Lobby.
Bench from Amazon ~$90
We used a gift card at Hobby Lobby, so total cost for this project was about $110.  Not bad!

We also upgraded our fire ring this weekend by adding a fire pit.  We're looking forward to lots of good times with friends and family in this space.
It just a few simple pavers and some digging with the tractor.
Josh still wants to hang lights around this area, then it will be complete.


Anonymous said...

Matt wants to make a fire pit in our yard, too. I will have to show him this! Looks great! ~Molly~

Thomas, Becca, and Bailey said...

Nice! I like your coat rack solution and bench and the sign looks great!