Monday, January 7, 2013

Catching Up

Well, I've been off work for the last 4 weeks and have used this time to do everything except write blog posts.  Here's what we've been up to the last month...

Week 1-  I went to Malibu!!!  (separate post to come)  Josh gave finals, graded, and submitted grades.  We also got our car back from the body shop- it looks beautiful!

Week 2-  Mom and I spent 2 days washing windows.  We decorated for Christmas and did a little shopping.  I spent 1 day making ~100 cinnamon rolls- mmm, mmm!

Week 3-  We enjoyed Christmas with Josh's family a little early and then my brother came to visit for the whole week!!  We always put Adam to work when he comes and boy, did we have a big project this time.  Josh and Adam took out a 50-foot pine tree that we needed to get rid of.  Chopping the tree and doing the cleanup took 1 1/2 days.  Don't worry, there will be a whole post with pictures and videos of that adventure!  We also spent a day in Dallas visiting some family while my brother was in town.  The rest of the week we just enjoyed each others company, ate a lot, relaxed a little, and played with guns and a bow.  Oh yeah, we also hit our 11th anniversary!

Week 4-   New Year's party, taking down decorations, cleaning, a little sewing, cutting wood, watching football

We pray you all had a wonderful holiday season!  We really cut back on sending out Christmas cards this year, so here's our picture in case you didn't get one.  The hats were totally Josh's idea :)


Lara Banister said...

I love Titus's ears in the smaller picture! Sounds like you've been busy, but having fun. Miss you guys.

Shelly said...

I take it your house didn't get hit by the tree- yea! Good job. Titus's ears are cracking me up too! Glad you had a great holiday vacation.