Friday, May 4, 2012

Lab Quote Friday- 3 Strikes, You're Out and a Nerdy Party

Well, our semester is coming to an end, so this will be the last lab quote Friday for a while :(   Don't worry, I'm sure we'll have more once our new batch of freshmen arrive in the fall.
Our department offers a general science class for students studying to be elementary teachers.  This class covers a wide variety of topics and has lots of fun labs.  I hate to pick on these students since they're not science majors, but one particular student has really been cracking us up this semester.  Here are 3 of her most special moments:

Professor:  How many days are there in February during a leap year?
Student:  Well, there are 31 days in a month, so... 32!

Student:  I just misspelled my last name!

During an activity where they had to color a world map, this student's map was mostly green with little blue blobs.  She had colored the land blue and the water green.  Something didn't look quite right :)

We had a retirement party for one of our professor's this week.  Dr. Reeves has been at ACU for 32 years, so we knew we had to do something special.  We came up with a periodic table cake and some fun cookies.  I think they turned out pretty cute!  We're such nerds!
Periodic table cake- about 40x50"
Erlenmeyer flask cookies
Beaker cookies
Test tube cookies
One of the gifts Dr. Reeves received from our department was a benzene ring branding iron (he owns a ranch with several animals).  His wife sure knew what to do with it! 
We sure do have fun in this department!
Current faculty and staff (minus one) and some retired faculty

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Amanda said...

love the quotes! scary that person will be teaching our youth. ha

like the cake and cookies - my mom made similar cookies for my chem classes this semester. the kids love them!