Monday, May 7, 2012

Our First Niece and Our First Nephew Day

Last week was a really great week.  Several good small things happened, but 2 bigger things also happened: my Mom has a contract on her house and our first niece was born! 
June Elizabeth's birth was a scheduled c-section, so we were able make plans to see her just minutes after being born.  We watched through the glass as they weighed her, measured her, checked her out and gave her shots.  It was great to be here for these first moments. 
Proud Aunt
June Elizabeth
June and Uncle Josh
While mama and baby were still in the hospital, big brother Ben had to be entertained.  We had a full day with him on Saturday.  This was our first time to watch Ben, so we weren't quite sure how things would go.  He did great and we all had lots of fun.  We went to the zoo, taught him how to fish, spent some time on the playground, watched a movie, played with toys, and checked out the tractor. 
Riding the train at the zoo
Feeding the giraffes
Checking out the tortoises
Uncle Josh teaching Ben how to fish
We sat by the lake for 1 1/2 hours fishing and throwing rocks in the water
Playground time!
Wiped out!
Zoo train puzzle time!
"Helping" Uncle Josh make pancakes


Jan said...

What a great aunt and uncle you are. Isn't he the cutest thing! We got to see them come home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. What a sweet baby! So cute.

Thomas, Becca, and Bailey said...

Good job, Aunt and Uncle! Congrats on your new niece and your mom selling her house!! So excited for you!

Amanda said...

aw good job aunt and uncle!