Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Garden- Part 5, Fruit!!

It's pretty neat to look back at pictures from 2 1/2 weeks ago and see how much things have grown.  Check this out!
Garden- April 29th
Garden- May 17
It's a different angle, but you can see that our plants are really filling out now.   Look at how much less plastic is visible.  Funny side note:  When I was about to snap that last picture, Josh exclaimed, "That's a bobcat!"  I got so excited that I lowered the camera and tried to spot it, but I didn't get to see it.  Titus didn't see it either.  If I had taken the picture 3 seconds earlier, there would have been a bobcat in the shot.  Bummer :(
Anyway, here's a closer look at the growing plants.
Cantaloupe are taking over!
Corn has tassels and silk now!
Tomatoes are needing cages already.
You can see a few plants are still small and not doing very well.
Bean plants are getting big and looking healthy

We dug around last night and found a few melons starting to grow!
Itty, bitty watermelon
A couple of honeydew melons
Our first cantaloupe of the year
So overall, things look pretty good.  We definitely have a few plants that have died and bugs are munching on several others.  If things continue as they are now, it looks like we will have tons of corn, cantaloupe, beans, and tomatoes.  Okra has been a little slow getting started, but I'm sure they'll perk up as it gets warmer.  Zucchini and yellow squash have been struggling, but I think we have 2-3 plants that might make it.  Cucumbers, peppers, tomatillos, and eggplant are also doing ok.  We'll have another update in a couple of weeks.
Oh, one more thing.  Last year we planted some sunflower seeds on the side of our house.  We had a couple come up and bloom, but nothing spectacular.  This year, one of them came up and has been growing really fast!  I'm guessing it's about 8 feet tall since Josh is 6 feet tall.  The window it is in front of goes to our living room, so it's been fun to watch it shoot up over the last few weeks. 


Unknown said...

Josh looks really excited about posing with the sunflower plant. :)

Jordan said...

Your garden is amazing! I had to "garden" so I always wish Brad would want to plant one like that so I could enjoy the bounty, but no such luck. I'll just live vicariously through yours. :)