Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Garden- Part 4, Growing, blooming, and fruiting!

I'm happy to report that our garden is doing quite well so far!  Everything is growing, most things are blooming, and we even have 1 tomato forming!  We did lose a few plants on a windy day when the plastic blew up and damaged them.  We also have some bugs munching on a few leaves.  Not too bad overall.
Growing garden surrounded by a wall of corn
Our corn is about knee high
I don't show the garden from this angle much. 
Blooming squash
Blooming beans
Blooming peppers
Blooming tomatillo (I think)
Titus relaxing by the garden
"Gardening is such hard work!"
"I wait patiently and hope for some goodies from the garden."

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