Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Weekend in Fredericksburg

Josh and I have been wanting to spend some time in Fredericksburg for a couple of years.  We finally made it there last weekend!  We had a 3-day weekend, the weather was beautiful, and the wildflowers were in full bloom.  We could not have asked for a better time to go!
On Friday we drove to our campsite (in Luckenbach) and set up camp.  Then we spent the rest of the day in Fredericksburg.  We walked the main street and stopped in a few shops.  We had Titus with us, so we had to take turns standing outside with him.  He got soooo much attention from everyone.  The kids were especially excited to meet such a big, friendly dog.  The weather was nice enough in the evening that we were able to leave Titus in the car while we had a German feast at The Auslander.  After dinner, we headed to Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park, walked the trails, and headed back to our campsite.
On Saturday, we had breakfast at the Old German Bakery and Restaurant before heading to Wildseed Farms.  We spent our entire morning walking through the wildflower fields and shopping in the nursery.  They allow pets there, so again Titus enjoyed a little extra attention.  I think we spent more money on plants and seeds than we did on gas for this trip :)  Josh is planning a wildflower field on our property.
Corn Poppy field
Drummond Phlox
Did you know that there are red and white varieties of blue bonnets?
Corn Poppy field
Titus didn't know why he had to pose for so many pictures :)
This was one of the fields we could actually walk in

On Saturday afternoon, we headed down to Kerrville to explore the Guadalupe River.  We were scoping out sites for future canoe trips and found a few good spots.  Of course Titus had to take a dip.
Guadalupe River
A shallow area- good for splashing around
Titus' favorite place- in the water!

We headed back to Fredericksburg for dinner and ice cream before heading back to the campsite.
Easter Sunday we woke up bright and early to pack up camp and head to Enchanted Rock.  We got there around 7:45am and spent the morning hiking.  We really loved it there- it's like no other place we've been before!
At the trailhead
We made it to the top!
Titus needed a water break
Playing in the cave
We sat on the back side of the rock for quite a while.  It was much less windy than the top and had a great view.
Josh found Mentzelia oligosperma growing on the rock!
Titus enjoyed climbing up and down the steep slopes.
Not a bad view!
We loved how many plants were growing out of the rock.
I'm hoping Josh makes this his new profile pic on facebook.
Hiking down the side of the Enchanted Rock
Moss Lake
Moss Lake with Enchanted Rock

We had a great weekend but left Fredericksburg completely exhausted.
Poor tuckered out old pup was out like a light within 5 minutes
Our armrest is Titus' headrest :)
We will definitely be going back to this area more often!  We took a few more pictures- check out our flickr page.


Alan said...

Hi Amber,

Lanell and I were at the Wild Seed Farm on Tuesday (April 10). What a marvelous place that is!

Amanda said...

how fun! and i didn't know about bluebonnets being other colors!