Monday, April 2, 2012

More craft projects

I have been getting really good use out of my craft room recently!  Here are some more projects I've been working on.
First up, a fabric scrap skirt for an adorable little girl who just turned 5.  It's just for play.  The strips are just cut from fat quarters that I found at Walmart.  They have some really cute prints!
I also made some dress up crowns for this little girl.  She has 2 brothers and a sister, so I made enough for all of them to play together if they want.  As soon as this gift was opened, the little girl put on the pink crown and wore it for the rest of the party.  I guess she liked it :)
This next project is going to make some of you laugh.  Have I mentioned that I am the nursery coordinator for our church?  Yes, me!  I know, I know- you probably think it's the worst role for me.  I mean, why have someone in charge of the nursery who doesn't even want kids?  I laughed at first too.  Then I was told this was more of an organizing role than a childcare role.  Organizing?  That's something I can do!  Basically I just schedule all of the nursery volunteers and make sure someone shows up on Sunday morning.  We only have 1 child in our church nursery on a regular basis, so it's not a huge commitment to work in there.  I have a huge list of volunteers (including several men) and they are all wonderful.  I think I started back in August last year, and so far things have been great.  So this next project is the bulletin board for the nursery.  I have decided I am NOT a bulletin board gal.  I tried to come up with some cute theme, but I am not creative in that way.  I ended up just doing some coordinated stuff that I thought looked ok together.  I think I'll stick with sewing :)
(Minter Lane is the name of our church)
Finally last night, I decided to make something for me!  I have a ton of projects I've been trying to get to, but baby showers and birthday parties have been priorities lately.  This project only took about 30 minutes.  It's a purse organizer.  (See, I love organization!)  I have lots of purses with 1 big pocket and little organization potential.  I have thought about buying purse organizers in the past, but I knew I could make one super cheap.  I used leftover fabric from the scrap skirt above and probably spent about $1.50 total on this project (all you need is fabric, thread and interfacing).
It's basically a line of pockets
I measured all my items to make custom-sized pockets.
Fill your pockets, roll up the organizer, and stuff it in your purse.  You can roll it so your pockets face in or out- it works either way.
I put my wallet and camera in the middle.  Everything has a place!
I definitely think I'll be making more of these.  This one is specifically sized for this purse, but I could overlap the end pockets and use it in smaller purses if I wanted to.  I followed this tutorial, but started with 9"x26" rectangles.  I might even go 10" next time to get the final height a little taller.  Just measure your bag and your items and adjust the measurements as needed.  It's so easy, cute, and cheap!
Next up... a garden update!


Amanda said...

cute cute skirt!

what a neat idea bout the purse organizer!

Thomas, Becca, and Bailey said...

Crafty! I like the skirt too--very cute!

RitaKay said...

Great idea! I hate it when it's just an open purse without compartments. This solves that problem! Thanks so much!

Rendi Hahn said...

I forgot to mention how BEAUTIFUL and fun your bulletin board is! Great job. :)