Sunday, January 8, 2012

Homemade Christmas Gifts- Part 4

Back when I made tie wreaths for myself and Mom, I knew I wanted to use a few ties and make something for my brother as well.  But what do you make for a guy?  Certainly not a wreath!  My brother has his house decorated in black, grays, and red.  Dad had 3 ties in this color scheme, so I just made this little shadow box display.  I'm not completely happy with how it turned out, but I was going more for sentimental value anyway.

One last little handmade item that makes a great stocking stuffer is a pair of handwarmers.  I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course).  You just make a little pouch of rice.  It is heated for about 45 seconds and can be used over and over.  I made little fleece covers for mine so they could washed.  Super easy and useful for anyone with cold hands!  They are also a great use for fabric scraps.

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Captain Y and Plant Girl said...

Great minds think alike, or share pin boards! I made Derek a set of rice hand warmers out of flannel for Christmas.