Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anniversary Trip to Ouray

December 29th was our 10th anniversary.  We made it to double digits!!  To celebrate and get away for a few days, we left Titus with my Mom in NM and headed to Ouray, CO.  If you've never been to Ouray, you should totally go.  Summer or winter, it's a great place to play and relax.  I think the brochure said the town is 9 blocks long and 5 blocks wide.  There is one main street where you'll find most of the hotels, restaurants and shops.  Some stuff is closed in the winter, but it's still fun.
We spent one entire day cross-country skiing.  This was my first time on skis (yes, I know, I grew up in NM) and Josh had a little experience from WA.  We went to a nordic trail area which turned out to be a little more technical than we expected.  We fell a lot, laughed a lot, and found a bunch of new muscles.   There was lots of grunting as we tried to get up and celebration when we made it through a tough spot without falling.  We had to climb hills, cross creeks, shimmy across narrow bridges and avoid ditches.  Hard, but tons of fun.  Oh, you can't beat the scenery either! 
Our second day in Ouray included some time on the sledding hill, watching ice climbers, hiking around Box Canyon Falls and swimming in the hot springs pool.
Again, more pictures and videos on our Flickr page.  We had a great trip!
Oh yeah, one last picture.  This one is for my brother- one of the shops in town had a leg lamp in the window.  I just had to get a picture!  It's hard to see because of the reflection, but it's there.

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