Thursday, October 6, 2011

TP Pumpkins!

Let's change the topic from snakes to something much more fun- fall crafts!  I have been wanting to make these for months, but had to wait for some seasonal fabric to show up in the stores.  These little pumpkins are made with rolls of toilet paper.  Here's the original link that inspired me. 
I found the newspaper more useful when I crumpled it up a little and wrapped it around the outside securing it with tape.  The taller pumpkin is made from a empty paper towel roll, cut down a little and wrapped with newspaper.  You can really make any size you want and use all kinds of cute fabric.  The "fall" fabric and the owl fabric are just cloth napkins I found at Hobby Lobby.  So cute, cheap and easy!  I'll probably be making more soon.  These are sitting in our downstairs bathroom at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute!! Can you give training lessons to old retirees nextyear? I love the way you decorate!

Raylene said...

I love these! I really like the owl print fabric.