Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 Garden- Part 9, Frosty Weekend

Well, we had our first frost last weekend.  The garden has been winding down over the last several weeks, but we still had a bunch of green tomatoes on the vine.  We covered the ones with the most fruit and let Mr. Frost blow through the garden.  We really only had okra, green peppers and tomatoes left anyway.  The only camera I could find at home that was charged was the iPad.  I'm not impressed.  Oh well.
Here's a look at our sad garden Saturday morning. 
Okra post-frost
Green peppers post-frost.  So sad and droopy.
Tomatoes post-frost, just hanging on the cage
Here are the tomato plants we saved.  They don't look great, but you can see why we tried to save them- they're loaded with tomatoes!

Here's our last big harvest of the year.  We've got lots of green tomatoes in the windows now.  Hopefully some of them will turn.

Do any of you still have stuff growing? 

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Alyson said...

Mmmm... that's making me hungry for pickled okra!