Thursday, May 27, 2010

Titus vs. Butterfly

Just a silly video from this morning.  Are you guys getting sick of these yet?  I think it's entertaining watching Titus discover TX wildlife.
A word of warning: if you like butterflies, don't watch the last 15 seconds!  I stopped taping before the worst of it, but you still might not like it.  It's survival of the fittest around here!
Titus vs. Butterfly


April said...

Way to go Titus! You show that butterfly who's boss!

Shelly said...

That boy cracks me up!!! He has no clue how big he is, does he? I love his lunge and jerk back moves!!! I also think it's pretty funny that he HAD to get that mat out of the way! Thanks for the entertainment- you can never have too many Titus videos.

Amber said...

No, Shelly, he has no idea how big he is. I think lap dogs have big dog mentalities and big dogs have lap dog mentalities.
I also love the part where the cow moos and gets Titus distracted for a second. He likes cows- especially when the babies start running around. The butterfly was just more important at that moment.