Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nickel frogs and snake skins

So the frogs that were croaking in our pond several weeks ago were quite successful in their mating attempts.  We now have tons of little frogs hopping all over our yard.  They are about the size of nickels right now, some are even smaller.  So stinkin' cute!  I'm sure most of them will get eaten by birds, Titus, or the lawn mower, but I bet a good number of them will survive and bless us with their croaking in the future.  These little guys move quickly and are hard to get pictures of, but I got a couple of good ones last night. 

A short video of 2 baby frogs

On another note- when we got home yesterday and went outside, we found a snake skin by our back door.  Evidently our porch is a good place for molting.  Titus wasn't quite sure what to do about the snake skin.  Josh put it on his dog house, but he wanted it back on the ground. 
Here's the video:  Titus and snake skin

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Shelly said...

I love the stare down of the snake skin!!!! What a dork- you gotta love him!