Monday, May 24, 2010

Our weekend

Saturday was a lot of fun because we spent most of it outside.  We watched a soccer game and then headed out to Lake Abilene with our canoe.  It's been 2 years since we've been canoeing, so it was long overdue.  It was a windy day which made for some hard rowing, but it was worth it. 

Taking a short break

Titus' favorite activity

Titus trying to pull a live tree into the canoe

Titus is sad because his "stick" won't budge.

After canoeing, we went to check out the flowers at Fort Phantom Hill again.  This time my favorite flower was in full bloom everywhere!  They are Indian Blankets (not to be confused with Indian Paintbrushes) and they are the state flower of OK.  They are the red and yellow sunflower-type plants in the pictures.

The weekend wouldn't be complete without some seriously goofy videos of Titus.  I was out in the backyard yesterday and noticed Titus staring at the ground.  I'm still paranoid about Titus and snakes, so anytime he focuses on something that hard I have to investigate.  This time it was...

a caterpillar.  Check out these videos:
Titus vs. Caterpillar, part 1
Titus vs. Caterpillar, part 2

Then last night while we were watching TV, Titus starting growling in the other room.  This is rare for him, and when I went to check it out I found him disturbed by...

a toad.  It was right outside our sliding glass door and Titus somehow knew it was there even though it was dark outside.  He didn't like it being there and thought it should know how he felt.  Sorry for the dark videos.
Titus and toad, part 1
I told Titus to go outside and get the toad.  Here's what happened:
Titus and toad, part 2
Poor Titus, even the toad doesn't take his bark seriously.  The toad never budged and it took quite some time to get Titus to forget about it and move on with his life.  He better get used to these toads because we are seeing them all the time now. 
Hope this made you laugh today.

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ksstableford said...

Such a good watch dog! Get that mean toad, Titus!