Monday, June 7, 2010

Seriously, more Titus videos?!?

Yes, I'm sorry, I think my dog is silly and I took more videos of him.  These aren't as funny as some of the others, but they still show off his quirky personality.
So Josh was at a conference in Florida last week and I got to water all the trees while he was gone.  The toads have learned that it's great to live under the trees and get watered everyday.  Titus has learned that when the trees get watered, toads start hopping.  Most of the toads are still very small, but we have at least 5 large toads which Titus thinks are really fun.  Instead of barking at them (he learned that did not get him anywhere), Titus now tries to stomp them.  Each time a toad hops, Titus pounces.  Sometimes I think he's just trying to hop like a toad.  I haven't seen him actually squish a toad yet- I think he misses intentionally.
Frog or Dog?
When the toad stops jumping, Titus just stares at it and waits for it to jump again.  He can be very patient.
The stare down
Josh got all kinds of fun free stuff at his FL conference: beach towel, sunscreen, flip flops, sand bucket and shovel, reusable grocery bags, and... a stuffed monkey!  Titus got to have the monkey, and he absolutely loves it.  Well he didn't really love the nose, so it had to go.  Now he really loves it.
Titus and Monkey

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Shelly said...

I think Titus thinks he's a toad and he's just playing with his toad buddies. What a goof! I love the stare down- he has more patience than most toddlers!