Monday, April 12, 2010

Living room after

Well, I spent a lot of time cleaning this weekend and finally got things in livable conditions again.  I'm only going to show the living room today because the bathroom lacks one little detail that will be worked on tonight.

My new chair- matching ottoman will be here in a few weeks

Josh's new chair

The view into the living room through our new opening in the wall!

I think we need a rug in this room and we're working on a new picture for the mantle, but it's getting there.  Of course the red, blue, and pink carpets will be gone someday too.
We also spent a little time outdoors this weekend.  I love that Josh has to take his plant classes on mini field trips because that means we get to explore potential locations.  On Saturday we visited a state park and our closest lake.  The bluebonnets (TX state flower for those of you who don't know) are amazing right now, so of course we had to get pictures.

Fort Phantom Hill

Titus and bluebonnets

The yuccas are also in bloom

Check out our photo page for more pictures from our weekend and some videos of Titus swimming.


April said...

Titus is so handsome in the flowers!

Ragdollteddy said...

Awww, everyone has to have a Bluebonnet photo. He look soooo handsome.

Lara said...

The room looks great. You guys must have been working hard these last few days.

Kristi said...

It's looking really nice--I love your chair! I've been looking for a good bluebonnet location to take Benjamin's picture. Looks like you found it for me!